Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring has Sprung at the Nix Nest

Since the weather has warmed up Brandon and I have been wanting to improve the look of our yard. We made the mistake of planting some annuals last year and we definitely needed to clean up the leaves, etc. So Saturday morning I made a run to a local nursery and bought some things. While I was gone to my DAR meeting and a Birthday party Brandon cleaned up the leaves. We planted them first thing today and I was so pleased with how they turned out that I bought some more things during my weekly Wal-mart run.

This is one of our front flower beds. The big shrubs on the ends we planted last year. The Day Lillies and smaller shrubs we planted today.

This is the flower bed around our mailbox. All of these plants came from Wal-mart. We added two different types of Dianthus and Hostas.

This is our side yard. My favorite new plants are those yellowy shrubs...they are called Yellow Rose of Texas. When I saw the name I knew I had to have them. I remember that I just loved that song when I was a little girl. I can remember hearing it on the radio and singing it. We also added some Juniper ground cover.

Theses hanging baskets are Wave Petunias...I can't wait for them to bloom. Last year these hooks were home to the unsuccessful Topsy Turvy Tomato Plants.

I also transplanted these from under the trees in the side yard. For some reason I have been very particular about the placement of all of the plants and I just did not think that these were in the right place last year. The planter has House Leak, May Apples and Lenten Roses. All were transplanted from my mom's yard. The Lenten Roses actually originated at my mamaw and papaw's house, which makes them very special in my book. I am hoping to get some more Lenten Roses the next time I am home.

And finally here is our Rain Water Barrel. We are hoping that this will help prevent all of the mulch from washing away.

I am so excited about how our yard looks! Next weekend we hope to add a couple of trees to the front yard!

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  1. So glad you posted!!! The yard looks great....maybe I can see it in person soon!