Friday, March 12, 2010

The New Me

The next time you see me, I will probably look more like this...

I realize this is not the most flattering, but the point is I wear glasses now. Brandon has caught me leaning into the computer screen and holding my BlackBerry very close to my face, so he insisted that I go to the eye doctor. The result, he was right (scary but true), I am nearsighted now. This has put me into a little bit of a funk considering I have been 20/20 my whole life. Oh well, there are worse things and at least this is fixable.


Lately I have been feeling a little crafty, so I thought I would share a few of my completed projects. The first project is a Nest pillow, I received inspiration from Pottery Barn, but instead of $49, I spent around $10 for fabric, paint and stuffing. The second project is a couple of pillows I made for our guest bedroom, I have had the fabric for awhile so all I had to purchase was the stuffing. My most recently completed project is a memo board. This was also made with leftover fabric from a shower curtain. I only had to purchase ribbon and batting. I put it inside the computer armoire for items that usually end up on the refrigerator. It is kind of my landing zone. You can also sneak a peek a Brandon working from home.

Last weekend me, mom, Katie and Kelly (Katie's sister for those that don't know who I am talking about) went to the Cottontails Craft Show in Birmingham. I received a lot of inspiration so hopefully there will be more to come!